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Medical Massage


You do not have to walk around  in pain! Research has proven that therapeutic massage is effective in the reduction of muscle pain. Ask anyone who receives massages as part of their pain relief program.
MASSAGE WORKS! Isn’t it worth a try?

In addition to the study of Swedish and Eastern techniques, N.Y.S. Massage therapists are required to study Medical Massage techniques.

Medical Massage is the term used when the primary focus of the session is rehabilitation of soft tissue after an injury. Various techniques are used to reduce adhesive scar tissue, relax tight and painful muscles and release trigger points.

A doctor’s note may be required after certain injuries.

Medical Massage is helpful in the treatment of:




Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Prenatal Discomforts


Muscle Aches and Pains

Disc Injury Related Pain

Back Strains (pulled muscles)

Sciatic Nerve Related Pain

Recovery from and Injury


Edema (swelling of limbs)


Central Nervous System Disorders

Many Other Pathologies


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