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Frequently Asked Questions

 Questions for the Massage Therapist   

I am curious about massage therapy but not sure I am ready to make an appointment. Do you have any suggestions?

I still remember how nervous I was when I received my first massage, so I understand. Let me suggest you try a shiatsu session for your first visit. This treatment is performed with the client fully clothed and the pressure adjusted to your comfort level. Or you might want to try a forty-five minute massage. This will give you a chance to adjust to the therapist’s touch and decide if massage is something you would like. Remember it is common to be nervous with any new experience. After a few sessions you will feel comfortable, and be happy that you decided to make massage therapy a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Will I feel better the first session?

Usually, yes. But in the case of an injury, it may take more than one session for the therapist to facilitate change in the muscle tissue.  If you are experiencing tension or moderate aches and pains, you will probably walk away feeling better.

Do I have to get completely undressed for my massage?

This is a common question and unfortunately prevents many  individuals from trying a massage. How much you undress depends on the type of massage, and you can be assured you are always comfortably draped under a sheet and towel, and only the part of the body being worked on is exposed. A shiatsu is performed with the client fully clothed. During a full body you must remove most of your clothing, but underwear can be kept on if the the client prefers, but as mentioned above, you will be under a sheet and towel. This is your massage session and can be adapted to your needs. Please do not feel embarrassed to discuss issues of undressing with the therapist.

What if I didn’t like my massage?

This is the first time your therapist has had an opportunity to make an assessment of your needs. After realizing what did or did not work, the therapist may adjust the treatment for the next time. If you don’t feel satisfied after the first session, tell your therapist, that way you can work together to make your massage a positive experience.

Can I get same day appointments?

I try to accommodate clients who are in pain and need assistance, but I do not usually have same day appointments. It is important to contact your doctor if you have severe pain or any symptoms of an illness. But if your usual pain is acting up, or you have a slight injury, call, and I will try to fit you in. You may also call several days after an acute injury, to discuss if it is soon enough for you to come in for treatment.

Do you diagnose?

No, massage therapists are not allowed to diagnose. We are familiar with many medical conditions because it is our responsibility to assess the problem, and decide whether or not it is appropriate for us to treat you. If a therapist feels your injury is too severe for massage, you will be referred to your doctor.

What if I have a serious illness?

You may not receive a massage if you have a contagious illness, or are in the middle of an acute illness. Most clients with chronic illnesses may be treated, although for some conditions you may need permission from your doctor. I can provide a form for your convenience. Please tell the therapist when you make the appointment if you are being treated for a chronic illness.

What if I am pregnant?

If you are having a healthy pregnancy you can certainly have a massage. The client is placed on her side and comfortably cushioned with pillows and covered with a sheet and towel. My first prenatal client was my daughter, and my grandson is now 11 years old, and I have relieved the back pain and tension of many expectant mothers over the years.

What if I am stressed out!?

Please call  if you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Massage therapy has an positive effect on the nervous system. A massage treatment can help you calm down, focus and solve your problems with renewed energy.

Do I tip the Massage Therapist?

Awkward question, isn’t it? That’s why it is good to discuss now. Usually therapists are tipped at spas and other facilities. A therapist in a private practice may or may not be expecting a tip, although I don’t know anyone who is insulted by the offer. As for this office, if you are massaged by me, the owner, a tip is not expected. Since most of my clients see me for medical issues, I do not want them to be concerned with the issue of tipping. The best way you can thank me is to refer your friends and relatives.

Do you accept insurance?
No I am sorry. I do not accept any private health insurance, no fault, or worker’s compensation.

How do you accept payment?

Cash or Check. I am sorry that I no longer accept credit cards.

Where is your office located?

Route 9, in the town of Poughkeepsie, just north of the Poughkeepsie Galleria, in The Ellis Law Building.

More questions?
Please call or email me directly at I check my emails daily and will usually answer you the same day.

I look forward to meeting you!


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